Customization is king which is why my marketing consulting services are a-la-carte depending on your business needs, including virtual services. Feeling stuck on where to take your brand next? Save your time and energy by taking action today with one of my offerings below.

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Brand Positioning:

Clear, relevant, and concise brand identity that sets you apart

• Review of trends and industry landscape
• Analysis of your core competitors
• Positioning statement and mapping (Unique Selling Proposition)
• Outline of brand tone, voice, and persona
• Storytelling framework that engages your customers

Marketing Strategy:

Long-term focused marketing plan customized for your brand

• Review of the current state of your business
• Deep dive into your customer, company, and competition
• Outline trends and your brand’s white space opportunities
• Clear plan for your brand’s strategic pillars and marketing mix
• Start-stop-continue framework for your brand

Innovation Roadmap:

Clear growth plan outlining your future innovation pipeline

• Review of current state of your brand
• Analysis of your industry, competitors, and customers
• Mapping of mainstream and emerging trends
• Clear plan for your innovation white space and pipeline

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Customer Journey:

Framework showing how your brand can build advocacy

• Mapping of your 6 W’s (who, what, where, when, why, why not)
• Clearly outline barriers, objectives, and marketing considerations
• Framework of your brand’s 4-stage customer journey

Pitch Presentations:

Let me help you get closer to winning your pitch

• Positioning your pitch the right way for your audience
• Storytelling for your presentation (people like being told a story!)
• Customization and presentation flow support

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