Why work with a marketing consultant?

A marketing consultant provides an unbiased, outsider perspective to one’s business; think of it as a fresh set of eyes and a leg up. They bring their years of experience to the table, typically from various roles, companies, and/or industries, and their own unique toolkit. A marketing consultant can support brands that need additional marketing resources, external expertise, or fundamental business changes. A marketing consultant also quotes for the work that needs to be done, which means payroll, and all its fun workings, aren’t involved.

How can I set the right business goals?

It’s a good idea to set a vision, business goals, and marketing objectives for your brand. Here’s a made-up example using AI technology to explain this. A vision tends to be more aspirational and less short-term focused: AI Tech 123 is to be the trusted AI for households across Canada. Business goals are more internally focused so an example here could be: grow AI sales profitably by +25% vs. last year. Marketing objectives are more externally focused, for instance: build brand awareness to grow AI customer acquisition +32%. If you aren’t sure and want to nail this down, a marketing consultant can help.

What types of questions should I be asking about my brand?

Every brand is different and there isn’t necessarily a one-size fits all approach. There’s a laundry list of questions that can be asked but what’s more important is how you frame these questions. For instance, you can ask “Which tactics should I use to promote my services?” or reframe it and first ask “How can I connect with my target audience?” Another example, “How can I use push notifications to entice my customer to shop at my store?” or reframe it as “How is my customer shopping today and using promotions?” Reframing questions can lead down a different path than originally thought.

Why is a marketing plan important?

Why is a blueprint for a house important? Exactly! A marketing plan is the strategic layout for a brand just like a blueprint is the structural layout for a house. Without this foundational work you wouldn’t have a durable business just like you wouldn’t have a standing house. Catch my drift? A marketing plan clearly identifies your long-term strategy and path to growth; it’s your success plan on how to win with your customer and beat the competition. It’s also measurable; you can monitor, analyze, tweak, and improve your business through strategic marketing.

How much time should I invest into marketing?

24/7! Ok I’m kidding but the truth is you should be thinking about marketing more often than not. Marketing is the gateway to your customer; it allows you to reach the people interested in your products or services. Marketing promotes your brand, builds awareness, and drives advocacy. Marketing triggers trial and repeat purchases. Marketing can fundamentally change consumer behaviour. Let’s face it…marketing is the backbone of a brand’s success.

How can marketing research support my business growth?

Marketing research is a must and 100% supports a brand’s success! You need insights and analysis to figure out many areas of your business: competitive landscape, pricing, point of difference, media targeting, positioning, and white space opportunities, just to name a few. Yes, it will be time-consuming but it’s time well spent. Bad idea: launching something without the right information and keeping your fingers crossed. Good idea: doing your homework and using credible sources to validate your ideas and strategies.